Choirs Start Up

The Edmonton Columbian Choirs will begin this Fall.  Chanteuses and the Augmented Octet will begin after Labour Day and, Vocal Motion and the Young Columbians will begin at a later date. 

We will be following Dr. Hinshaw’s Rules for Safe Choral singing.  Singers will wear face shields and/or masks, work in groups of fewer than 15 singers and practice social distancing.  Sanitizing stations will be available at rehearsals and all chairs, music stands and washrooms will be sanitized prior to rehearsals.

For information on the Chanteuses Ladies’ Choir contact Heather Bedford-Clooney at

For information on the Augmented Octet, Vocal Motion Youth Group and the Young Columbian Children’s Choir contact Elaine Dunbar at

Come sing with us!

Heather Bedford Clooney

Artistic Director